Tuffline® Extrusion Overview

We have an array of different frames to suit your graphic and display needs, in both single and double sided.

The addition of shelves and monitors will also determine what frame is used.

Heavy items that need to be placed on a shelf will need a stronger frame. The table below briefly describes the frames and what they can be used for.

If you have a question about what frame

would best suit your needs, please contact us, and let us help you choose the best option for your requirements.

Extrusion Size Wallmounted Freestanding Shelves Baseplate/foot ShopCable Monitor
a. 16mm Tuffline single sided 16x21mm yes       yes  
b. 28mm Tuffline single sided 28x28mm yes       yes  
c. 28mm Tuffline double sided 28x38mm yes yes yes yes yes  
d. 54mm Tuffline double sided 54x32mm yes yes yes yes yes yes
e. 81mm Tuffline double sided 81x43mm yes yes yes yes   yes
f. 25mm Tuffline fabric single sided 25x45mm yes       yes  
g. 38mm Tuffline fabric double sided 38x44mm yes yes Yes (up to 900mm) yes yes